Optimal Movement Studio Teachers

I have been a competitive life-long athlete. I’ve dabbled in soccer, basketball, baseball, softball, and Crossfit. I’ve experienced both sides of the coin: being an athlete and being a coach. After several crippling back injuries, I transitioned from a competitive athlete to a Coach, and focused more on the quality of movement rather than the intensity. Slowing down to coach helped me realize my passion, I have a deep drive for helping others move and feel better. My chronic injuries eventually led me to find Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Kinstretch. These systems gave me the thought processes to assess my current state, and how to improve upon my limitations and train my injuries safely back to health. I want to help people move and FEEL better, setting them up for success with knowledge and tools to empower them to full body freedom!
  • Licensed Massage Therapist, Sports Massage
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist [FRCms]
  • Functional Range Systems Provider- FR Spine
  • Kinstretch
  • Crossfit Lvl 1
  • United States Air Force Veteran
Jacob Corley

Jake became a massage therapist in 2011. An avid ultramarathoner and climber himself, he started out working with professional athletes in his community to relieve chronic pain, muscular dysfunction, and lagging recovery times. Looking for a deeper understanding of the root causes of those issues, he trained with top practitioners to develop tools and therapies that would allow him to take a more holistic approach to mobility, wellness, and movement. After nearly a decade of practice, he now works with all types of clients, from professional athletes to everyday people looking to improve their quality of life. He regularly teaches seminars for other bodywork practitioners, so he can spread the message of optimal function and good health.

  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Level 4 Thai Massage Therapist
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Therapist
  • Positional Release Therapist
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Kinstretch® Certified
  • Levels 1 & 2 Functional Movement Systems Certification
  • FMT Basic & Performance Kinesiology Taping Certification
Hi, I’m Bridget. I have always been an active person, but was no doubt affected by the cultural normalcy of a sedentary lifestyle . I played various sports as a child and throughout my teenage years. I started CrossFit when I was 19 and fell in love with it. The next 6 years, my life revolved around my diet and fitness routine. Around 2014, I seemed to have maxed out my capacity for improvement – I was over-training and under-performing. I was stressed out. My body hurt. I become too sore and stiff to do the functional things CrossFit claimed to prepare me for. As a yoga teacher, I felt insecure and incompetent as it related to how others should be positioning and moving their bodies. If I was going to be teaching and coaching people, I didn’t want to just tell them to do things a certain way because that’s what tradition dictates. I wanted real science to inform my teaching and coaching. My injuries accumulated and I had to stop doing CrossFit and yoga. I wasn’t getting any relief or answers from the medical community: I dished out thousands of dollars for an MRI, sports medicine doctors, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture with no real solutions for treatment. I was told to rest a lot, that I was fine, yet I was experiencing pain. I was driven to discover a solution and for me, it is Functional Range Systems. In a big picture way, having control over my body gives me freedom over my life. If I can move freely, I can better adapt to changing circumstances physically and spiritually. FRS has offered me a template to refer to as I expand into new territory of learning and implementing new ways of moving and being. The journey into recovering your relationship with your body is a profoundly personal one. My mission to empower you with the tools I didn’t have so that you don’t have to stop doing what you love.
  • FRA- Functional Range Assessment Provider
  • FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist)
  • Kinstretch Level 1 Instructor
  • 500 CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher)
Lee Phoenix is a Florida born wellness and fitness professional. Lee’s background consists of competitive bodybuilding and over 10 years experience in various martial arts including TKD, American Kickboxing, and Hun Gar. Through Lee’s journey he discovered a love for truly connecting and helping others heal, which led to the study of other modalities. Through his practice as a Personal Trainer, Animal Flow Instructor, Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, and Healer, Lee has dedicated his life to helping others heal through the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of their lives.

Emily loves working with people through the physical body to help them reach their full potential, whether that be achieving specific performance goals or experiencing less pain & greater mobility in their body. Emily is a Certified Rolfer, Art of Feminine Presence Teacher, & Certified Animal Flow Instructor. She graduated from the University of Kansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science.

Your physical presence is the #1 thing that attracts people to you and makes them listen to your message. When you are not comfortable in your body, it affects everything, your confidence, career, relationships, etc. Emily feels passionately about helping people feel more relaxed, space, & ease in their body. How you move and how you think affect how you show up and, therefore, the impact you are able to have in the world. When your body is holding you back, your message is not heard. Through her signature process that includes the use of Rolfing Structural Integration, embodiment coaching, the Art of Feminine Presence, & Animal Flow, Emily guides her clients to feel more confident, energized, and at home their bodies.

Emily works with a wide-range of clients, males and females ages ranging from 9 to 95 years old. Her clientele includes triathletes, runners, yogis, dancers, & just regular active people desiring to feel better in their body. Some of the issues that her clients come to her with include: scoliosis, hip & back pain, sciatica, headaches, & general complaints of feeling tight & out of alignment.

Since graduating, she has completed several continuing education classes with topics ranging from craniosacral work, the neuroscience behind chronic pain, functional methods from an osteopathic perspective, a year-long Feminine Leadership Mastery program, and Active Fascial Unwinding. In her free time, she likes to be in nature, whether hiking on the trails or camping, leisure trail running, or reading a book in the sun.